Online booking in just 3 minutes

Online booking in just 3 minutes

Enjoyable region in South Germany:
Baden Wine Country

Sunny Baden – an area for good wine
and a nice kind of people

In the cultivating of the best grapes and growing them in selected places, in this creative refinement using what the ground gifts, nature and culture make a happy marriage. The juice of the vines enjoyed well but in moderation, awakens the animal spirits and the artistic senses of people. Often just the view of the beautiful landscape suffices, where vines are well laid out in rows but still manage to form graceful loops and curves. Perhaps that is also why so many writers and thinkers have come to Baden, the second largest German wine region? Of the nine wine growing regions of the Baden Wine Country, from Freiburg and from the Park Hotel Post we can easily reach Breisgau, Kaiserstuhl, Tuniberg and Markgräflerland, to our sheer delight.

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Free use of the route network

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